AmandaToddPhDAmanda’s greatest passion lies in inspiring others to dream, create, live within the flow of a magical life, and anchor into 5d living. In being with the flow, a remembrance for a personal connection to the earth and each other is activated through Global Aloha Living.  Amanda serves through teaching and inspiring/bringing others together as earth stewards.  She’s an interdimensional dreamer of Aloha (which if you are reading this, you are to!)

(Aloha=to share the breath of life; to share presence with one another; to love; affection; hello/goodbye; nature; understanding the connection to everything and everyone; and much more.)

Amanda J. Todd, PhD, is an elemental mystic bridging the world of Geography and Spirituality for Global Aloha Living. She is an environmental scientist, college instructor, and an interfaith minister. She received her doctorate in Geography from UNC-Greensboro where her research focused on spiritual landscapes of the Appalachian Mountains. During her graduate studies, she also studied with elders from various cultural belief systems including: Cherokee, Hawaiian, Peruvian, and Celtic. While she was working on her doctorate, she was also doing her own inner work and explorations of the tiny space of her heart…and she continues to do so while also gratefully holding space for others to remember. She is also a Reiki, Crystal, and Kahi Loa/Huna Master/Teacher. She teaches energy work and meditation classes and has been a practitioner of Kahi Loa for nearly a decade and teacher since 2010. She also leads group journeys to the Big Island of Hawaii and into the Magical Appalachian Mountains. Her heart enjoys helping people remember their connection to the elements wherever they are and learning how to feel the connection and love that is always around and within them.

From her doctoral research on spiritual landscapes, own experiences, and discussions with others from various cultural groups, she has observed and experienced that spending time in nature can be very good for the soul. Especially now, she feels it is extremely important for us in the 21st century mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually to spend time connecting to the elements and learning from them. To understand that we really are connected to EVERYTHING. She enjoys inspiring others to learn how to “be” in nature, to visit places they have not seen/felt, to learn about the elements around them, and appreciate the areas that are preserved for public enjoyment.  Her interest lies strongest in the water element, the mineral kingdom, and with animals. She has been an environmental scientist and a veterinary assistant, and is currently a part-time college instructor. She has taught in traditional academic settings at various colleges and universities for over a decade and has been teaching non-traditional spiritual development classes at various yoga studios, spas, and at other venues throughout North Carolina for the past 5 years. She believes nature is a place for great inner work, can trigger deep emotional releases and insights and is a place to regain balance in today’s world. Amanda loves the Hawaiian thought and way of being/living “Aloha ‘Āina Malama Pono” (Love the Land, care for it righteously).

Amanda believes that when the mind and heart are aligned great things happen. She hopes to teach/remind others how to remember their own truths and all the possibilities that lie within, with the help of the natural world. Amanda enjoys helping others become local and globally conscious stewards of the planet by integrating their minds with their hearts. Her grounded approach seeks to inspire others in finding their own passions, honoring diversities and similarities around the world, serving communities and the world from their heart, respecting the natural world, and being engaged in conserving and preserving our resources.

Her first passion is helping others to understand how everything is connected and how we can learn from, respect, and honor all of the elements that make our world a rich and amazing place to be. The elements she works with throughout many of her offerings are based on the Huna (Hawaiian system) and include: Fire/Sun, Water, Air/Wind, Stone, Plant, Animal, and Human. She also incorporates her own ancestry of Celtic and Cherokee perspectives into how she serves.  Her second passion is helping others to realize that they can merge their brilliant minds with their heart, have one foot in the spiritual world and one foot in the physical world and be engaged participants in the game of life on earth. It is wonderful to sit on the mountain top connected to source, yet it is another thing to bring that sacredness down the mountain and serve with your unique gifts. 

We all wear different mask and are many faceted like a diamond. After many years of feeling divided between her love of science and academia and her spiritual side, she finally found a way to integrate the two.  Within this site, you’ll find the many facets of Amanda and what she offers. The more scientific side focusing on Geography, Landscapes, and Topophillia (love of a place) and then the spiritual side focusing on Spiritual Classes, Ministries, and Earth Honoring Ceremonies. You’ll also find the two often overlap quite beautifully.  Hopefully if you are feeling divided you’ll soon feel, see, and know how to merge your facets into a beautiful diamond.

She loves bringing together heart based educators, scientists, healers, artists, and all others who are committed to see their individual and collective dreams made concrete for our changing world, while also honoring the earth. In 2015, she started partnering with others to offer amazing retreats to sacred sites and special events full of tools for activating Global Aloha Living…which yes most importantly, includes your local heart space. Check the calendar for upcoming dates and be sure to sign up for the newsletter!

Academic Degrees 

 B.S. in Natural Resources from NCSU 2000

 M.A. in Geography from ASU 2002

 Ph.D. in Geography from UNC-G 2010

Dissertation (PDF): Spiritual Landscapes in the 21st Century: The Geography of Power Mountains and Healing Waters of the Southern Appalachian Region

Spiritual Certifications/Trainings

Huna Hawaiian Energy Training I and II 2006

Reflexology 2006

Advanced Huna Methods 2007

Reiki I and II 2007

Usui Reiki Ryoho Master/Teacher 2008

Huna Master/Teacher 2008

Interfaith Minister through EarthStar Spiritual Center 2009

Crystal Healing Intensive Studies with Crystal Sun Academy 2011

Healing Touch for Animals® Practitioner (Level 1 and 2)  2012

TTouch Method for Horses 2013

Merkaba Shamanism: Merkaba Activation & Energy Healing 2015

Simply Shaman Interdimensional Mystery School 2015

HOT HULA fitness® 2016

From Amanda….

I’m an eternal student/seeker…

I love writing poetry. Love sunsets (okay so anything nature related). Love my dogs and I grew up riding horses. I use to rock-climb and snow board which surprises people. I love baking but I am not really into cooking. However, I do love making applesauce from the families apple trees. I know how to crochet and weave the bottom into old wooden chairs (granny taught me). I’m really an introvert and shy but can be quite talkative.  I had my Human Design chart run and apparently have the “community” line….so explains why I like bringing the family/tribe together and hosting events. I never had Hawai’i on a bucket list growing up to visit, it just happened. I waited for years to go after I’d been studying Huna, then I went three times in one year somehow! I enjoy meeting new people and hearing their story. I’m adventurous. I’m a Pisces and my life path is a 7 (seeker). I typically walk over 10,000 steps a day. My mother and my granny had “the sight/psychic gift”.  I want to learn how to play the Celtic harp and attempt to surf one day…or I’d be good with just sitting out in the ocean on a surfboard for a few hours just being one with the ocean.

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