Amanda’s Background with Huna and Kahi Loa

KahiLoa-D&JAmanda completed through EarthStar Spiritual Center, trainings in Huna Level I and II in 2006, Huna Advanced in 2007, and Huna Master/Teacher in 2009. There are many different aspects to what is called Huna (Hawaiian Shamanism). Huna may include chanting, energy work, visualization, pyschology, breathing exercises, and working with the elements and ancestors. Amanda is a lover of the earth and she quickly saw the benefits of the Kahi Loa incorporating the elements into energy work sessions. Although she has trainings in various other energy modalities, the Kahi Loa really resonated with her. She started teaching Kahi Loa in 2011 and it is one of her favorite classes to take and teach because of all of the love that is present and the connections with the elements/nature that is weaved in.

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The photo of Amanda with her teachers, Dale and Jeanne Stacy of EarthStar Spiritual Center, was taken on the Big Island of Hawaii in 2013. Visit the link to see what classes they offer in Greensboro, North Carolina! Also visit Serge Kahili King to learn more about Huna.

**Note from Amanda: Having visited Hawaii many times, I realize there are discrepancies in Huna being associated with Hawaiian Shamanism or not really being Hawaiian. As a past scholar myself, I don’t wish to get into that debate as I don’t have enough information myself, I see and have heard both sides. What I do know is that much of the Huna teachings have helped my life greatly and I see wonderful heart-centered happenings and spiritual experiences happen for many with the principles within Huna, Kahi Loa sessions, and other techniques/tools associated with Huna. The “label” of it being Hawaiian or not Hawaiian to me doesn’t matter as much as the heart that is within the touch of Kahi Loa and the love our world needs. It would be nice to know where everything originates from but with our world becoming more globalized, sometimes it is hard to tell. I’ve also read many texts that credit Huna teachings to other places in the world including  teachings and spiritual ideals found in Vedic Text. Even the word, Aloha in one of many translations, can mean the sharing of the breath of life (ha). The “ha” breath exercises are mentioned and done in some yoga classes, so it seems to start all connecting wherever it is from on some level……as you begin to study more there are so many overlaps, similarities, and more questions to ponder or just accept as is. I invite you, if you choose to study this path to read, research, and ultimately feel for yourself what you believe and choose to incorporate into your life.**

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