Amanda’s background with Reiki

Amanda firmly believes in maintaining a non-western version of Reiki. Crystals are not incorporated nor are chakras discussed within this Reiki training. Amanda does however offer separate Crystal Energy Work courses that spend the entire time focused on just crystals if that interest you. She prefers to maintain a separate distinct division on what is Reiki and what is not from her research. Everyone can learn and do Reiki. Once a practitioner learns various modalities to add to their toolbox, intuition takes over where individual needs are considered with the blending of “tools” for empowering, conscientious, and heart filled sessions.

There are many variations in different lineages as teachers throughout the several decades now have incorporated their own wisdom and/or other experiences. Previous master/teachers in this lineage were rooted in Tibetan Buddhism so there are additional things integrated from them not seen in strict Usui-Reiki lineages.  Follow your heart when selecting what lineage or teacher you choose to study. You will know the perfect fit when you feel it while reading webpages or talking to friends.

Reiki may be used to promote relaxation and wellness and it is not a religion although various aspects of Buddhism, Shintoism and Tibetan Shamanism are discussed in advanced levels. Amanda’s doctoral research explored Asian religions so you will also receive in the master level, much more insight into those belief systems.

Many students attend the Reiki trainings for personal growth and some do desire to offer sessions and serve others with the teachings. This method is hands-on and performed fully clothed. Students learn various hand holds at power centers on the body, they learn important symbols, participate in ceremonies and attunements for each level, and in the higher levels learn mantras.  Amanda occasionally host Reiki Shares but many of her previous students now hold space for those events and students are encouraged to attend at any level of experience.

Below is some additional information for those of you who would like to know the answers to common questions people have when researching Reiki Teachers. Amanda’s lineage comes through Usui, Hayashi, Takata as well as Iris Ishikura and Arthur Robinson who incorporated Tibetan symbols and influences. Students receive the full lineage in Master class showing they would be 11 positions from Usui.  Amanda completed Reiki I and II in 2007 and Reiki Master in 2009 with Dale and Jeanne Stacy. She began teaching Reiki in 2012 after a few years of integrating and more personal growth. Amanda maintains small size classes (<6)  for Reiki to ensure you receive the attention you need in learning and growing during the time together. The format will be the same for each class but just as Takata taught, the classes shift in topics and side discussions based upon each group’s energy. From Amanda’s experience, the students attracted to each class are perfectly aligned together for different reasons and she supports that unfolding during the class.  In addition to the training and knowledge, students often walk away with new friends and connections. As of 2017, Amanda has trained over 50 Level II practitioners and 11 Master Teachers.

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