Awakening the Wanderer

May 18th-20th Emerald Isle, NC

You are invited to attend an empowering weekend along the outer banks of North Carolina to remember ancient techniques to integrate into your life for greater service and love to others. The ocean, salt air, and sand naturally induces a relaxed state for self-reflection and renewal. We will discuss and practice techniques to expand our awareness into the concept of wholeness, Sowelu. After our weekend, you will have new tools, perspectives, and insights to integrate into your daily lives.
Learn ~ Participate ~ Grow

Throughout the weekend, you will be encouraged to participate in a variety of experiences to awaken your cells for living in harmony with the earth, others, and yourself. Various techniques will be incorporated throughout the weekend to help you find your center, to tap into your own knowing (all information is within), to fellowship with others, and to honor the earth. We will be discussing the “Law of One” and the Ra teachings in what that means for being a “wanderer”/seeker in service right now to others and humanity. We will discuss the 7 densities, 7 chakras, and the connection between Egypt, Atlantis, and Sirius. 

Spiritual Landscapes ~ Sacred Sites ~ Inner Journeys

During our time together, I will be serving as your guide to sacred sites that are cosmic, numinous, and aesthetically pleasing. The ocean naturally provides a space for inner journeys into one’s heart and mind.

Boat Rides ~ Ceremony ~ Fellowship

We will be taking a boat ride to a more remote barrier island to spend time meditating and connecting with a portal to Atlantean energies if the weather allows us. We will also be visiting a site that dates back to 10,000 years ago by an anthropology department that did work in the area in the 1970’s. We will also explore a salt marsh and coastal forest to learn how to walk with nature and “feel” the energy along the trail (Celtic way of seeing). You will be invited on numerous occasion to experience the cosmic and numinous energies present through ceremonies ranging from Cherokee smudging and tobacco offerings to Hawaiian prayers and a Peruvian despacho ceremony. Connecting to others through group consciousness will be a big part of the weekend while also remaining inward and self-reflective.

Oceans ~ Islands ~ Forest

You will have time to play in the sacred ocean waters to feel the power of the Atlantic. You will have the opportunity to explore the energies of the plant world through communing with the coastal forest through the Celtic way of seeing.  You will learn how to call upon the sun through the Hawaiian Sun Pule (prayer). The wind here will carry messages to you if you listen.

Depending upon the energy of the group activities may include:

  • Peruvian despacho ceremony (a gift to spirit in gratitude, ritual energetic exchange for healing and guidance in right relationship with the universe)
  • Atlantis Meditation and Vortex Experience
  • Visits to ancient sites (10,000 years old as estimated by a University Archaeology Department)
  • Elemental Connections and Hawaiian prayers
  • Kalana Hula in nature



What you may “take home”:

  • Information to help you connect personally on a deeper level with nature on your future vacations, hikes, and time in the outdoors.
  • Personal insights and revelations;
  • Knowledge to pass on to others to assist in elevating the energy of the planet;
  • Greater understanding of star beings “wanderers” and ways to be of service;
  • an image of your heart light;
  • New friendships and connections; and,
  • Relaxation and rejuvenation.

This event is open to men and women over 18 years of age. The event will be held at Trinity Center in Salter Path, NC. Space is limited so register early!

Pricing Options:

Commuter $260 (includes dinner Friday and Saturday night; lunch Saturday and Sunday)

Commuters may reserve their space for a non-refundable deposit of $50. The remaining balance is due on or before May 1st.

Private Accommodations $420 (includes 2 nights, dinner Friday and Saturday night; lunch Saturday and Sunday; and breakfast Saturday and Sunday)

Double Accommodations $380/each person (sharing room, twin beds) (includes 2 nights, dinner Friday and Saturday night; lunch Saturday and Sunday; and breakfast Saturday and Sunday)

A non-refundable deposit of $100 reserves your accommodation space (while spaces last). The remaining balance is due on or before May 1st.

Tentative Schedule (subject to weather and our group energy)

Friday (please arrive between 1-6 to enjoy the facility/ocean before we start)

  • 6 pm dinner provided
  • 7-9 pm Opening Welcome Circle


  • 8 am breakfast provided (for overnight guest)
  • 9-12 Discussion
  • 12 noon lunch provided
  • 1-6 boat excursion and ancient site visits
  • 6 pm dinner provided
  • 7-9 pm Discussion


  • 8 am breakfast provided (for overnight guest)
  • 9-12 Discussion
  • 12 noon lunch provided
  • 1 – 3 Coastal Forest and Salt Marsh Walk (Celtic Way of Seeing)
  • closing circle around 3 pm

Additional details will be mailed out a few weeks before.

To register email Amanda.