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Women’s Retreat to Maui 2019!

Highlights from Women’s Retreat in Maui 2018

Highlights from the Cross-Cultural Shamanism Retreat September 2017

Appalachian Mountain Retreats

The journey/retreat weekends will focus on the ecology/environment/geography as well as your own inner spiritual landscape as we visit beautiful physical landscapes on earth. The journeys may include a sharing of various cultural belief systems regarding nature and the elements, hiking, breathing exercises, meditations, and Kalana Hula or Qigong.  As a group we will discuss and engage in personal/group ways to honor, appreciate, and give thanks to nature. Participants will be supported in quiet contemplation time in beautiful settings.  Participants will also be encouraged to reflect on the importance of various landscapes for the wholeness of the soul and inner landscape of their heart.  

Space varies for each journey and may be limited due to sites we will be visiting.

Hawaii Retreat

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