Ceremonies over the Years

A Peruvian elder visited Mt. Mitchell in 2009 and performed a despacho ceremony (ceremony and creation of a bundle to offer/give back to pachamana-mother earth). He stated that the Appalachian Mountains “were crying out for ceremonies”. Many cultural groups around the world honor mountains in some way. As part of that ceremony, Amanda with many others, intentionally put her energy, love, and respect for the mountain into the offering. Amanda left knowing one day she would do her part in helping to honor the mountains through ceremony with others. Having spent many summers, time at college in mountain settings, and weekends in the Appalachian Mountains with family, she feels strongly connected to the mountains and in assisting others in connecting and appreciating them.
Over the past several years she has been involved with various ceremonies in Hawaii (Big Island and Maui). These ceremonies were performed to link and connect with the loving energies present anchored long ago in Lemuria, as well as to appreciate and honor the gift of life here on earth now.  The ceremonies were performed at various sites near Volcanoes and by the Pacific Ocean.
Maui, Hawaii
Haleakalā-Maui, Hawaii
  Beach Ceremony in Hawaii
Amanda has also been involved in ceremonies in Bermuda to help activate and align with ancient Atlantean Energies to honor those connections for the New Earth.

DSCN3905-Merkaba Altar