Highlights from the Cross-Cultural Shamanism Retreat September 2017

In September of 2017 the weekend of the Autumn Equinox, the first group gathered to explore, connect, and honor the Appalachian Mountains in Cherokee, NC. We visited ancient sites, meditated and felt the energy of power places, did a despacho ceremony (offering for pachamama/earth), welcomed the Sun with a Hawaiian Sun Chant in the morning, practiced Kalana Hula by the river, participated in a Cherokee cross-over, sung a Celtic song to the land spirits, hiked up a power mountain, and so much more. We discussed the Pleiades, the little people/fairy folk/menehune, and the directions as viewed from the Cherokee and Peruvian perspective. The purpose of the weekend was to honor the beautiful Appalachian Mountains and so we did this as a group together and individually in our own way.  The next retreat in the Cherokee area will be in April of 2018 (Note: different places will be visited to spread the love and appreciation).