Cross-Cultural Shamanism Retreat

Cherokee, NC

2018 Dates to be announced

Intention: Dimensional Awareness in Earth Based Practices for self reflection, growth, and empowerment.

Relax ~ Remember ~ Renew

You are invited to attend an empowering weekend in the magical Smokey Mountains remembering ancient techniques to integrate into your life for expanded dimensional awareness today. The landscape naturally induces a relaxed state for self-reflection and renewal. We will discuss and practice techniques to expand our awareness into other dimensions with each other (this is not an out of body experience, this is about you seeing the world and others as a reflection of you and arriving at a glimpse or state of wholeness). After our weekend, you will have new tools, perspectives, and insights to integrate into your daily lives. We are remembering the old ways to help us today.

Learn ~ Participate ~ Grow

Throughout the weekend, you will be encouraged to participate in a variety of cultural shamanic experiences to awaken your cells for living in harmony with the earth, others, and yourself. Various techniques will be incorporated throughout the weekend to help you find your center, to tap into your own knowing (all information is within), to fellowship with others, and to honor the earth. While you are participating, you will be invited to expand your awareness beyond the physical tactical practices to see the reflections and wholeness.

Spiritual Landscapes ~ Sacred Sites ~ Inner Journeys

During our time together, I will be serving as your guide to sacred sites that are cosmic, numinous, and aesthetically pleasing. This area naturally provides a space for inner journeys into one’s heart and mind.

Hikes ~ Ceremony ~ Fellowship

We will do a few hikes depending upon the weather and energy of the group. All hikes are within the National Forest and/or Cherokee Reservation and open to the public. You will be invited on numerous occasion to experience the cosmic and numinous energies present through ceremonies ranging from Cherokee smudging and tobacco offerings to Hawaiian prayers and a Peruvian despacho ceremony. Connecting to others through group consciousness will be a big part of the weekend while also remaining inward and self-reflective.

Rivers ~ Mountains ~ Forest

You will have time to play in the sacred waters and enjoy the panoramic views from the mountains of power as you feel the rocks beneath you providing a strong foundation. You will have the opportunity to explore the energies of the plant world through communing with the forest through the Celtic way of seeing.  You will learn how to call upon the sun through the Hawaiian Sun Pule (prayer) and be able to feel the warmth sitting around the evening fire. The wind here will carry messages to you if you listen.

Did you know the Cherokee, Hawaiians and Celts believed they came from the “stars” the 7-sisters cluster?

In addition to studying energy work for a decade, I have studied with various elders and teachers of different belief systems from around the world. My doctorate research focused on spiritual landscapes of the Appalachian Mountains. This weekend retreat brings together my knowledge from my teachers and my heart to share the magic with you of places I love to experience with others. We will be discussing earth based shamanism with a galactic twist. This is the class you wish you had in school!!!

Depending upon the energy of the group activities may include:

  • Peruvian despacho ceremony (a gift to spirit in gratitude, ritual energetic exchange for healing and guidance in right relationship with the universe)
  • Cherokee cross-over (experiential journey to understand where you are in the flow of life and to let go of the past)
  • Hikes to a sacred spots for reflection, insights, visions, and connection.
  • Elemental Connections, chants, and ceremonies
  • Kalana Hula and Qigong in nature.

What you may “take home”:

  • Information to help you connect personally on a deeper level with nature on your future vacations, hikes, and time in the outdoors.
  • Personal insights and revelations;
  • Knowledge to pass on to others to assist in elevating the energy of the planet;
  • Greater understanding of common threads weaved between various shamanic societies in our connections to nature;
  • Experience in group consciousness in linking together to create a sacred energy flow for the mountains;
  • New friendships and connections; and,
  • Relaxation and rejuvenation.

* Please note space is limited to 15 in order to maintain the energy of the places we will be visiting. This event is open to men and women over 18 years of age.

I would highly suggest you stay Sunday night so you can enjoy the area all day Sunday after our time. If you have not been to Cherokee, it is a magical place to visit, explore, and find yourself (without having to go across the world for clarity, purpose, etc)!!  You may wish to have a long weekend with family nearby as you participate with us. You may come with a friend or come alone.

My hope is that you will take home with you many seeds to reflect upon for yourself as well as new friendships. The weekend may provide you the opportunity to become re-centered and relaxed. You’ll leave with wisdom of ancient techniques and ideas to do yourself as you explore and hike future places with others. Your relationship with mother earth, nature, the elements will become richer.

Accommodations and meals are not included nor travel to and from the sites in the area throughout the weekend.

Registration Information coming late 2017.