Crystal and Stones Energy Work


Do you love collecting stones or have you been curious about them since childhood?

Do you feel you need more grounding in your life?

Do you desire to enhance your various intuitive senses?

If yes to any of the questions, ask yourself if the Stone Element is seeking a connection with you. Perhaps you have always been interested in stones or you feel it is an area of your life that you desire to learn more in. The classes aim to help you remember and/or help you connect on other levels to gemstones and crystals beyond what is taught in traditional classes. Crystals are very good tools for helping us to develop our intuition and feeling senses. The Stone Element Classes are open to anyone interested in stones, energy work, and spiritual development. These classes are great for personal growth as well as for those desiring to learn how to incorporate crystals and stones into other energy modalities and life in general. Levels must be taken in order. For those with previous Crystal and Stone Experience, you may skip Level 1 and 2 after an initial phone conversation with Amanda or if you have taken a previous crystal series with Amanda. Students will also receive various gemstones in each level.

Stones Level 1: Introduction to 21 Gemstones (for Remembering in the 21st Century) and 21 Stones for the 21st Century

We will began by identifying and learning about twenty-one different gemstones commonly used throughout history and today. We will examine how Egyptian, Asian, American Indian and European cultures used these stones and myths associated with each of them. We will also discuss where the stones are typically found and the variations in quality of the stones. Students will learn the basic physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional attributes of each stone. Some of the most popular gemstones used in jewelry today from around the world will be explored in this workshop such as rose quartz, turquoise, lapis lazuli, amethyst, tigers-eye, and many others.

We will then work on identifying and learning about gemstones that have attributes helpful with co-creating our lives in the urban as well as in the 21st century. Clear Quartz Crystal will also be discussed in this workshop. Students will learn about the mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual properties associated with each stone. We will discuss stones associated with the angel realm, water element, and the Goddess in various cultures including: Angelite, Aquamarine, Chrysocolla, Fluorite, Black Tourmaline and many others. Many of these stones are useful in assisting us in aligning with the Divine Feminine Energies of the 21st Century.

Samples of each stone will be on display in class to experience their beauty and energy firsthand.


Stones Level 2: Co-Creating with the Mineral Kingdom and Communicating with Stone Spirits

After the facts and information about the stones have been presented, we will discuss the various ways to incorporate gemstones into everyday lives and how we can co-create with the mineral kingdom through altars, layouts, and grids. We will learn basic terminology and what gemstones and crystals refer to. Students will spend time learning with various types/shapes/sizes of quartz crystal pieces and gemstone. Students will create a gemstone layout during class and experience various crystal layouts first-hand. We will also discuss and create a crystal grid. Students will also learn how to clear (clean), store, and what to look for when buying different types of gemstones.

Finally we will be exploring the stone world in more depth and on a personal level at the end of the day. Stones do “speak” and often have messages for us individually or collectively if we listen. Students will practice connecting with several different stone spirits through meditation. The various ways in which they communicate with us will be discussed. The 42+ gemstones presented earlier will be available for communicating with during the class. We will also perform Shamanic picture casting using river rocks for divination purposes. This course is more un-structured, personal, and experiential.

Meditation experience is not required.



Stones Level 3: Crystal and Stones Energy Work Level 1

This 8-hour energy work class will combine the principles of Sacred Geometry with crystals and stones as we create energy grids around the body. Identification of various crystals and practice of chakra layouts and grids will complete the day. *This class is a wonderful self growth class as well as a great class for those desiring to incorporate stones into energy sessions.


Stones Level 4: Crystal and Stones Energy Work Level 2

This 8-hour energy work class will expand upon techniques previously learned in Level 1 with additional on the body crystal layouts and applications of various stones. Students will learn how to guide clients into various crystal meditation states for greater peace, relaxation, and insights.


Stones Level 5: Field trip

The intention of the stones class is to learn more about how we ground our energies and connect to the earth, particularly with mountains/high places. We will discuss various cultural and spiritual ways in which people around the world have worshiped, honored, and celebrated mountains. We will also discuss the properties associated with mountains/high places and how we can connect in with those energies. A ceremony will complete our time together connecting and honoring the land.

Grounded Guidance Journey to Pilot Mountain and Hanging Rock September 2016 and May 2017. 2018 dates to be announced. Click here for additional information as space is limited!