Hula Performances and Events

The Emerald ‘Aina Hula Dancers group is led by Redheaded Hula Girl (Ehukailani, one meaning is heavenly seaspray) and includes adults and children. They perform at various festivals and events in the area. If you are interested in hiring Ehukailani (Amanda) to teach a small group and/or perform at a birthday party or other special Hawaiian themed event, please contact Ehukailani (Amanda). Amanda is also available for school cultural educational events as well focused on Polynesian Culture.

NC Polyfest Jacksonville, NC 2017

Little Grass Shack video

Kawika video 

Lili’ u E video

Leading audience participation for Hukilau






















Swansboro Recreation Center Around the World Camp…Hawai’i and Hula








16th Birthday Party: Hula and Tahitian Lessons






Arts by the Sea Swansboro, NC 2017









Video Clip by Town of Swansboro








Moana Film night with Town of Swansboro





Summer Backyard Luau





Poly Fest 2016 in Jacksonville, NC