Hula is an ancient Hawaiian dance form used to tell a story and convey emotions. In this introductory class, participants will learn the basic hula steps and hand movements of the elegant modern version of Hula known as ‘Auana. Translated it means “to drift” and what is predominately seen in the west.  This class is a wonderful way to connect with the body through gentle and graceful movements of the hips and arms. It is a physical, mental, and spiritual practice.

Emerald ‘Aina Hula Dancers led by Redheaded Hula Girl (Amanda Todd). Currently classes are all levels. Kids/Youth classes are limited in enrollment and usually geared to ages 4-12 unless otherwise noted (summer camps have separate age groups). In 2017, classes will become divided into levels. Be sure to Like Redheaded Hula Girl on FB for hula wisdom, inspiration, and upcoming class information (or cancellations). See Calendar on this site for weekly classes and special  hula workshops.

Spring 2017 Schedule:

Thursdays (starting Feb 9th) in Cedar Point/Swansboro Kids Hula I 4:45-5:15; Kids Hula II 5:30-6:00 pm; and Adult Hula 6:15-7:15 pm

Fridays in Jacksonville at Dance Theatre of Jacksonville 9-10 am Drop in $10

Past Programs. Stay Tuned for Summer Hula Camps


Amanda’s love of dance started at age 3. She was lucky enough to have a teacher willing to work with her at a young age. She spent her youth in ballet, jazz, tap, and even clogging classes.  She discovered bellydancing as an adult when in a meditation she was guided to begin moving/dancing again.  She performed with Three Graces Entertainment in Boone, NC (primarily raqs sharqi and occasionally flamenco/tribal). Upon desiring to find a more sacred connection to movement and dance, after a visit to Hawai’i, she met a hula/tahitian teacher (kumu) and began learning. She soon began performing with the group at cultural festivals and for private events (birthday parties and luaus). She loved sharing the Aloha spirit through dance with others/audience and really feeling the connection to the music and movement.  Upon relocating to the Crystal Coast she realized there was a desire for others to learn hula and began offering classes. She continues her studies in hula through workshops and travels to Hawai’i to study with her Kumu Kea of Nā Puakea O Ko’olaupoko hālau (hula school).  As one who understands the bodies energy field she believes hula really helps women connect into their goddess self/feminine aspects and in opening the hips (sacral/root chakras). Hula is also about a connection to the heart which naturally unfolds in connection to the dance.

Visit Aloha Island Hula Girls for upcoming classes in Charlotte, NC area and/or to book your next event.