Kahi Loa Training (Elemental Energy Work)

kahiloaKahi Loa is a type of healing art form, from the Hawaiian Islands (Kauai).  As within the Hawaiian language, words have many meanings. Kahi Loa may be translated to mean “oneness through sacred energy” or “moving or flowing of life/energy”. Kahi Loa is very fluid with the practitioner moving their body and hands a majority of the session. It is an ancient form of vibrational energy movement, not to be confused with LomiLomi.  Kahi Loa is done fully clothed, without the use of oils, and is a wonderful relaxing and energizing touch-based modality.  Some have said that the things taught within Huna, from Polynesia, including Kahi Loa, actually originated from the Star System of the Pleiades.  Kahi Loa is simple to learn, easy and fun to do, and powerfully filled with love.


Kahi Loa helps to bring the body and spirit into alignment through the assistance of the elements and natural world. The practitioner helps the client connect to the elements with various loving touches simulating the 7 elements (Fire, Wind, Water, Stone, Plant, Animal and Human/Ancestors). Unlike other modalities, Kahi Loa involves a story the practitioner weaves together to help the client visualize the elements of nature. Sometimes this story is spoken aloud to create a beautiful scene. Other times there may be just one word here and there to help the client focus. A session may also be performed in silence. Communing with nature and the elements is a large focus of the Kahi Loa sessions and trainings for both the giver and receiver. Ancient prayers in Hawaiian often begin and conclude the sessions for blessings and manifestations. Sound (our human voice) can carry energy vibrations for wellness and change. The Hawaiian language itself has magic within it as do the prayers (Hawaiian Pule). Read more about Amanda’s background with Huna and Kahi Loa here.

Kahi Loa

The purpose of these classes, as Amanda teaches them, is to educate both new and established practitioners of vibrational energy modalities about a beautiful feminine modality, which has benefits for both the practitioner and client.  The classes incoporate some aspects of what is known as Huna (Hawaiian Shamanism) although their primary focus is Kahi Loa. The Master/Teacher level dives more into various aspects of Huna which include tools for incorporating into one’s daily life, as well as during private sessions to help clients shift their perspectives with Aloha and empower themselves. Kahi Loa may vary slightly from practitioner to practitioner as their own intuitive abilities and skills grow over time.  Each session is unique and individualized but always filled with love from the elements and heart. These classes are the foundation, the beginning steps, to discovering more on your own as to what lies “hidden” with this beautiful practice and in your awakening cosmic heart.

Kahi Loa Level I/II (Hawaiian Energy Work) Haumāna komo hou (new student)

*This class prior to 2017 was known as Kahi Loa I and Kahi Loa II or Huna I and Huna II. They are now combined since it all flows together throughout one weekend.

The first part of the class (day 1) is mostly lecture and great for personal growth/awareness!  The course will include a discussion of the philosophy of Kahi Loa and the history of Hawai’i and Lemuria. Students will also learn the 7 principles. Students will also learn pikopiko (center to center breathing) and 7 element breathing, which forms the foundation for personal centering and connection to the elements. Students will explore their own connection to each of the 7 elements as well as general attributes of each element.

During day 2, we will learn the chant for the 7 principles of Kahi Loa in English and Hawaiian. Students will learn all of the hand movements for each element and will perform (give and receive) the 7-element Kahi Loa session several times. We will practice Kahi (oneness) and Kaulike (balance) hand positions. A Hawaiian Blessing Ceremony will end the day.

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Level I/II offers 14 CE’s for massage therapist. Amanda is an Approved Provider #1284. Please check with your state board to confirm the class will count for CE’s.

Advanced Kahi Loa: Kako’o (apprentice)

Prerequisite: Kahi Loa: Haumāna komo hou

In this two-day course, we will begin by reviewing Haumāna komo hou material. Students will also learn the 7 element (Huna) star symbol associated with the principles learned. Students will learn distant and instant healing techniques, enhancements for Kahi Loa, Kalana Hula, and shell layouts. Students will learn how to weave an element story into their sessions to help connect clients to the natural world for assistance in the sessions. Each student will receive a set of seashells for their toolbox and make other tools needed for the enhancements. The weekend will include (when weather permits) a trip to a barrier island/beach to connect to the energies of the ocean and land/aina.


(Optional) Kahi Loa: Hana (service)

Prerequisite: Kahi Loa: Haumāna komo hou and Advanced Kahi Loa: Kako’o

This will be a 1-2 day course depending upon the needs of the students. Some students may only want to integrate the previous levels into their work and not move on to the Master or Teacher level. For yoga teachers desiring to learn Aloha Yoga, this time together will guide you into how to integrate in a variety of ways, all of the concepts previously learned into a yoga class. Students/yoga teachers will walk away with a collection of class formats to offer. Aloha Yoga is based off of Amanda’s previous work collaborating with a yoga teacher for Aloha Yoga.

Other students may wish to work with Amanda for other ideas in how to incorporate Kahi Loa/Huna into their service work/day job. Amanda herself as incorporated much of the Hawaiian philosophy and information into her academic classes as well as her meditation classes. These classes will be tailored to the individuals needs. Contact Amanda to inquire.

Kahi Loa Master: Kahu (keeper of knowledge)

Prerequisite: Kahi Loa: Haumāna komo hou and Advanced Kahi Loa: Kako’o

In this weekend course (Friday 6pm-Sunday 5pm), the first day will be spent learning about the three selves and drawing and chanting the Huna Master power symbol in Hawaiian. We will review distant and instant healing techniques, Kalana Hula, and sea crystal layouts. Students will also learn several different Hawaiian Chants and about various Hawaiian Gods/Goddesses. The master level also includes a basic foundation of the sacred ancient practice of Hula. As Hula is also a tool for empowerment (waking the kundalini).  The weekend will end with a beautiful Aloha Master Ceremony. The weekend will include (when weather permits) a trip to a barrier island/mountain to connect to the energies of the ocean or land/aina. Students will learn how to create ceremony for sessions.

Kahi Loa Teacher: Kumu (teacher)

Prerequisite: Kahi Loa: Haumāna komo hou, Kako’o, and Kahu.

This is for those desiring to teach the classes and that have a heartfelt commitment to continuing to grow and learn personally as well as incorporate more from their own experiences and connections to this sacred work. The hidden knowledge reveals itself over time and Amanda strongly believes that students should continue their studies with other teachers as well as in listening to themselves. This is a 1.5 day intensive training that will involve examining teaching perspectives and lesson plans for Kahi Loa: Haumāna komo hou, Kako’o, and Kahu. Amanda has over a decade of teaching experience in a variety of settings both andragogy (adults) and pedagogy  (children). She has taken Instructor Training courses on teaching methods and has her own experiences to share in helping you be the most effective teacher you can be. Portion of this class will involve homework assignments in helping you develop your curriculum focus and manuals.

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