Kalana Hula

Kalana Hula, also known as a Hawaiian Energy Dance, brings together elements of movement and mediation. Breathing, slow movements and self awareness are emphasized in Kalana Hula. Two different breathing exercises are done to build energy or “mana” and to increase awareness and connection to nature. Then we perform a series of slow martial art and dance like movements, which relate to the various forms of water and water life. Throughout the entire sequence, one focuses on an intention for personal wellness and peace that comes from the heart space and Aloha spirit.



Within the Hawaiian language many deeper meanings are hidden in the words.


Kala=to be free, to release, to let go

lana=afloat, calm as water

During this sequence, we let go and we find that inner calmness.

An instructional DVD of Kalana Hula is available for purchase here.

2018-No Classes due to retreat schedule.

Check back for 2019 dates.

In person events 2017:

January 26th: Terra Sol Sanctuary Wilmington, NC Cost $10

March 4th: Studio Zahiya Asheville, NC Kalana Hula 1:30-2:30 Cost $10; Huna Talk 2:30-3:30 Cost $15; Attend both for $20.

March 5th: Brevard Yoga Center Kalana Hula 1:30-2:20 Cost $10; Huna Talk 2:30-3:30 Cost $15; Attend both for $20.

March 25th: Raleigh, NC Dancing Moon Bookstores (In combination with a Huna Talk/Aloha Gathering) 1:30-3:30 Cost $25

April 24th: Surf City Yoga Holly Ridge, NC 5:30-6:30 pm Cost $10


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