Logo Symbolism


As with all symbols they all have so many different meanings for different people around the world…but for me this design I had a vision of the same day as Kala Creative (intuitive graphic designer) received who was helping me to create something (I’m not always “artistic”). I am Celtic, (more Scottish than Irish) and Cherokee. I am a student of Huna-Hawaiian Shamanism so the 7 pointed star was what I wanted in some way.

For one, the star in the center in this orientation of the direction of the points, is the Elven Star. The 7 points represent the 7 “portals”-magic places within the physical landscape as well as aspects of our personal inner landscapes.

In a different orientation for the points of the star, the Huna Symbol, represents the 7 elements of Fire, Water, Wind, Stone, Plant, Animal and Human as well as the 7 principles. You can read more about the principles in an article I wrote a few years ago by clicking here. These principles are:


Be Aware                Ike

  Be Free                    Kala

    Be Focused             Makia

        Be Here                   Manawa

   Be Love                   Aloha

  Be Strong               Mana

  Be Effective            Pono

Seven (7) is a sacred number for me (life path) and also has connections to the Pleiades, the “7 Sisters”. The 7 pointed star is on the Cherokee Flag, representing the 7 Clans and the Pleiades Star System. How do cultural groups from Ireland to the Appalachian Mountains to Hawaii believe they “came from” the same star system?  I’m on a personal mission to learn more about this and bridge the islands mysteries.

The spirals in the design bring in movement and time lines (Celtic). I flow between seeing different timelines and dimensions. Also the spirals represent water. Being a Pisces, water is what naturally rejuvenates my soul and it is the divine feminine. There are 7 spirals…7 seas. I have 7 main offerings I present/serve by.

The bottom lines of the entire logo merging (double helix) weave together the heart/mind and science/spirituality. From another view it looks like the heart/mind lines supporting the NEW earth as the circle with the star/land and spirals/waves looks like the earth in the greens and blues.

Green is a heart color and emerald green in particular carries a different frequency associated with nature (elements), vision, intuition, and growth.

Turquoise/blue is also a calming color and about communication. As a teacher and leader being an effective communicator is important.  Also for you looking at the symbol, it may resonate with you speaking your truth from your heart.

You may see other meanings in the logo design and that perhaps is your gift in discovering more about yourself and the world….afterall even this logo is a mirror/reflection for you.