Reflexology is an 8-hour class that introduces the foundations of a basic practice for the feet. The class is an introductory course that gives students a starting point for their sessions offered to clients. At a basic level, we will discuss the anatomy of the human body and the corresponding organs will be located on the feet. We will touch and work with the various reflex points of the feet that. Students will learn an easy sequence to remember. Contraindications will be discussed and identified. Students will learn about the history of Reflexology around the world and in the United States and defining purpose within sessions. Every student will perform three full reflexology sessions using a massage table. The class uses focused intent and energy touches on the reflex points so it is easy on the practitioners’ hands. Sessions help to promote relaxation and stress reduction.

Student Performance Objectives:

  1. Students will identify basic anatomy of the human body and corresponding reflex points on the feet.
  2. Students will identify contraindications relative to Reflexology of the feet.
  3. Students will explain the history and intent in providing Reflexology sessions today.
  4. Students will list various techniques to prepare the feet for a session.
  5. Students will compare and assess different feet in learning how to adjust hand positions for practitioner and client comfort.
  6. Students will evaluate classmates’ techniques regarding pressure, speed, and ability to create comfort.
  7. Students will define Reflexology for marketing purposes.
  8. Students will perform three full Reflexology sessions.


8 CE’s available for NCBTMB

Tuition: $175 (may vary by venue)

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