Reiki Certification and Training

Reiki, “Universal Energy”, is an ancient energy modality. Amanda carries forward the Reiki philosophy based upon Mikao Usui’s system of natural healing- Usui Reiki Ryoho. Reiki may be used to promote relaxation and wellness and it is not a religion although various aspects of Buddhism, Shintoism and Tibetan Shamanism are discussed in advanced levels. Read more about Reiki here and Amanda’s lineage/background.

Many students attend the Reiki training’s for personal growth and some do desire to offer sessions and serve others with the teachings. This method is hands-on and performed fully clothed. Students learn various hand holds at power centers on the body, they learn important symbols, participate in ceremonies and attunements for each level, and in the higher levels learn mantras. Amanda occasionally host Reiki Shares but many of her previous students now hold space for those events and students are encouraged to attend at any level of experience. Amanda teaches Reiki in 4 levels, Reiki Level I, Reiki Level II, Reiki Master Practitioner, and Reiki Master Teacher

Reiki I (First Degree-Shoden)

This 6-hour energy work class will introduce the foundations of Reiki, “Universal Energy.” This level is typically known as physical level.  In level I, we will:

  • discuss the history and philosophy of this Japanese and Tibetan influenced energy modality;
  • learn a basic 5 element Qi Gong series for self-awareness of personal energy flow;
  • become familiar with sensing energy fields within our own bodies as well as those near to us;
  • learn the Reiki hand positions for massage table sessions and seated chair sessions;
  • learn how to perform self-healing/body blessing hand positions using Reiki;
  • practice with classmates full Reiki sessions; and
  • participate in a ritual attunement ceremony.

This class is suitable for those new to energy work as well as those who have studied other modalities.

Tuition: $111 (unless otherwise noted) Includes manual and certification.

NCBTMB 6 CE’s (Please check with your state board to ensure the course will be accepted for credit). Additional $10 admin fee for CE’s.

Next class: August 25th at Brevard Yoga Center in Brevard, NC.  noon-6pm. Contact Amanda to register

Reiki II (Second Degree-Okuden)

Prerequisite: Reiki I

This 8-hour energy class will expand upon the techniques learned in Reiki I. This level is typically known as emotional/mental level. In level II, we will:

  • discuss the three symbols used for power, mental/emotional and distant Reiki;
  • practice the symbols as we review hand positions;
  • learn how to send distant Reiki;
  • perform full sessions with symbols;
  • demonstrate an understanding of the symbols with a test;
  • develop a basic understanding of providing Reiki as a business (if desiring to provide sessions);
  • decide what population desiring to attract and serve if providing sessions or how to incorporate Reiki into daily life/relationships/day jobs; and
  • participate in a ritual attunement ceremony.

Tuition: $175 (unless otherwise noted). Includes manual and certification. CE’s pending.

(Optional) Reiki Integration

Prerequisite: Reiki I and II

This will be a half day – 2 day course depending upon the needs of the students. Some students may only want to integrate the previous levels into their work and not move on to the Master or Teacher level.  Amanda is known to be a creative teacher blending disciplines and modalities for effective empowerment of all involved. As a mystic she knows how to integrate into many worlds so she enjoys assisting others in integrating their spiritual and physical worlds in service to others.

For yoga teachers desiring to learn how to incorporate Reiki into Yoga classes, this time together will guide you into how to integrate in a variety of ways, all of the concepts previously learned into a yoga class. Students/yoga teachers will walk away with a collection of class formats to offer. Yoga Reiki is based off of Amanda’s previous work collaborating with different yoga teachers for Yoga Reiki.

This time could also be spent discussing Animal Reiki in-depth. Amanda has several years of animal experience having worked at her father’s veterinarian practice on and off for decades as well as growing up with a grandfather who trained horses. Amanda actively used Reiki with animals in the hospital setting for several years.

Other students may wish to work with Amanda for other ideas in how to incorporate Reiki into their service work/day job. These classes will be tailored to the individual’s needs. Contact Amanda to inquire.

Reiki Master Practitioner (Third Degree-Shihan Kaku)

Prerequisites: Reiki I and II; 6 months or more since Reiki II; participation in at least 2 Reiki Shares; and actively have given at a minimum, 10 Reiki sessions for paying clients or for free.

This course is typically offered the first weekend in December. Starting in 2017 the Master Practitioner level will be a retreat weekend held at Trinity Center in Salter Path, NC on odd years and even years (2018) in the mountains of North Carolina on a rotation. All previous Master students are encouraged to attend to refresh and rejuvenate.

This is a 16-hour course focused on developing the student as a practitioner of Reiki. Although not everyone who completes this course has a business offering sessions. Many times, students just seek the additional perspectives and attunment experience for personal growth. This is the spiritual level of the Reiki training.  In the Master Practitioner weekend, we will:

  • review Level I and II material;
  • learn micro-cosmic orbit breathing techniques;
  • learn, translate, and practice chanting two mantras;
  • learn the Usui Reiki Master Symbol;
  • learn and practice an 8 movements Qi Gong series for energy health;
  • discuss principles of Buddhism and Shintoism;
  • practice, practice, practice full Reiki sessions;
  • learn the Medicine Buddha Chant;
  • participate in a Medicine Buddha Ceremony; and
  • participate in a ritual attunement Master Practitioner Ceremony.

Tuition: $440-575 depending upon commuter or accommodation options. Students who have previously taken Reiki Master Practitioner and would like to sit in again, please contact Amanda for reduced pricing.  Tuition includes manual and certification as a Reiki Master Practitioner (please note this class weekend does not certify you to teach or pass on attunements, this is to enhance your practice and for self growth at the spiritual level). If you wish to pass on attunements and/or teach Master Teacher is the next level.

**Deposit of $150 is due by May 31st to guarantee accommodations.

If you are interested Contact Amanda for additional information. Previous students will have received an email regarding the weekend training. If you previously took Level I and II with another teacher but you are interested in this training, please contact Amanda to discuss your previous training, symbols, lineage, etc.

No CE’s are offered as this is the spiritual level of Reiki training.

Reiki Master Teacher (Third Degree-Shihan)

Prerequisite: Reiki Master Practitioner (option to retake Master Practitioner at refresher price anytime); host at least 3 Reiki Shares on your own before Master Teacher and have provided at a minimum 10 sessions since Master Practitioner.

This 12 hour course continues from the Master weekend training and prepares the student to become a teacher of Reiki and the ability to pass on attunements. The majority of complaints from Reiki students across the board usually centers around the lack of confidence in offering attunements or teaching. Amanda has two decades of teaching experience in a variety of settings and her primary goal is for you to leave feeling confident in passing on attunements and in continuing to share the Reiki knowledge as a vessel and teacher. In the Master Teacher level, we will:

  • review Level I, II and Master Practitioner material;
  • discuss Tibetan Shamanism;
  • learn one Tibetan Symbol;
  • discuss teaching perspectives;
  • discuss teaching all levels;
  • discuss rituals and ceremonies;
  • learn how to give attunements for all levels; and
  • participate in a ritual attunement Master Teacher Ceremony.

In order to complete the Teacher level, students will be required to write their own manuals within 6 months of the class based upon their personal inquiry, reflection, and research.  Certificates will be given for Master Teacher after a private (in person or skype) session with Amanda reviewing and discussing the teaching path.

Tuition: $315-450* depending upon commuter or accommodation options.  Students who have previously taken Reiki Master Teacher and would like to sit in again, please contact Amanda for reduced pricing.

Contact Amanda if interested in the Retreat Weekend Master Teacher Training. Previous students will have received an email regarding this. If you are already a Master/Teacher or Master with another teacher and you are interested in this training, please contact Amanda to discuss your previous training, symbols, lineage, etc. Keep in mind depending upon what material may have to be reviewed to catch you up, the price may vary. As a teacher of teachers, Amanda has taught several Reiki Master Teachers previously trained by others as they wanted the Tibetan perspectives to incorporate into their practice.  No CE’s are offered as this is the spiritual level of Reiki training.

Class Policies and Payments information.

Contact Amanda to inquire about hosting a class or workshop