• Wupatki

    So perhaps not completely natural but wow what a landscape!

  • Cross-Cultural Shamanism Retreat

    Cherokee, NC September 22-24th Intention: Dimensional Awareness in Earth Based Practices for self reflection, growth, and empowerment.   Relax ~ Remember ~ Renew You are invited to attend an empowering weekend in the magical Smokey Mountains remembering ancient… Read More

  • Surrender and Flow Retreat

    Piney Creek, NC August 11th-13th Intention: Learning to go with the flow.  Relax You are invited to attend a relaxing weekend by one of the oldest rivers in the world, the New River! (Geologist report it as one… Read More

  • Grounded Guidance

    Hanging Rock/Pilot Mountain Area November 10th-12th Intention: Feeling grounded in life. Ground Yourself In So You Can Soar! You are invited to attend a silent retreat exploring Hanging Rock and Pilot Mountain. The landscape naturally induces a relaxed state… Read More

  • Appalachian Mountain Retreats

    The journey/retreat weekends will focus on the ecology/environment/geography as well as your own inner spiritual landscape as we visit beautiful physical landscapes on earth. The journeys may include a sharing of various cultural belief systems regarding nature and… Read More

  • Beach-Bermuda

    Pink Sand Beach Gravelly Bay Bermuda  

  • Beach-Pacific

    Kailua, Hawai’i

  • Beach-Atlantic

    Bear Island, NC

  • Deserts

    Determined Growth.

  • Things you can do

    A Peruvian elder visited Mt. Mitchell, NC in 2009 and performed a despacho ceremony. He stated that the Appalachian Mountains “were crying out for ceremonies”. I feel many places around the earth could benefit from us doing whatever… Read More

  • Ceremonies over the Years

    A Peruvian elder visited Mt. Mitchell in 2009 and performed a despacho ceremony (ceremony and creation of a bundle to offer/give back to pachamana-mother earth). He stated that the Appalachian Mountains “were crying out for ceremonies”. Many cultural… Read More

  • New River

    New River (North Carolina/Virginia state line)

  • Lakes

    Reflective and still….

  • Waterfall

    Amicalola Falls

  • Canyon de Chelly

    Navajo Nation

  • Boynton Canyon, Arizona

    near Sedona, Arizona and the vortexes

  • Previous Journeys to Hanging Rock-2009

    Quiet Contemplation Time Pausing on hike up to new experiences Gathering for talk Contemplation Time

  • Previous Journeys to Cherokee-2012

    Bamboo Forest Walk Break between sessions connecting to the earth.

  • Previous Journey-Pilot Mountain 2015

    Pilot Mountain Group May 2015 Learning Time Circling up to offer Tobacco Connecting to the Stones

  • Pilot Mountain

    Mountains have been feared and held in awe over our time here on earth. They have been used as navigational landmarks and guides as well as for sanctuary.

  • Valley

    Waipio Valley Big Island, Hawaii

  • Haleakalā

    Haleakalā Maui

  • Cameron, AZ

    Sunet on the Navajo Nation

  • Topophillia-love of a place

    Question I ask YOU reading this…..one of my favorite assignments I give traditional classroom students, so I’m asking out of my interest, curiosity, and if you have given it much thought. Where is your heart at home? Where… Read More

  • Fire

    Direction: East or South depending upon cultural tradition. Qualities: Warmth, creativity/destruction, passion, active, illumination, transforming, motivation, determination, will-power, leadership, spirituality, and sexuality. Goddesses: Pele, Hesta/Vesta, and Brigit. Gods: Agni, Belenus, and Ra. Natural Landscapes: Deserts, Volcanoes, Hot Springs,… Read More

  • Wind

    Direction: North or East depending upon cultural tradition. Qualities: Intelligence, freshness, flying, concentration, and sound. Goddesses: Arianrhod, Maat, and Nuit. Gods: Thoth, Aeolus, and Ehecatl. Natural Landscapes: Breezy Mountain tops, windy open plains, and coastal dunes. Natural Symbols: Feathers and incense/sage smoke. Visualizations: Standing on… Read More

  • Water

    Direction: West Qualities: Movement, fluidity, loving, soothing, cleansing, and Goddesses: Aphrodite, Venus, and Namaka. Gods: Kanaloa, Neptune, and Poseidon, Natural Landscapes: Springs, wells, rivers, lakes, rain, waterfalls, snow, ice, beaches and oceans. Natural Symbols: Shells Visualizations: Floating in water, swimming in the ocean, standing… Read More

  • Stone

    Direction: Southeast Qualities: Stabilizing, grounding, solid, foundation, ancient wisdom, and anchor. Goddesses: Gaea, Terra, and Pachamama. Gods: Obsidian, Pan, and Papa. Natural Landscapes: Mountaintops, caves, rocky terrain, and bedrock formations. Natural Symbols: Stones, crystals, and sand (any soil). Visualizations: Sitting on a bedrock formation… Read More

  • Plant

    Direction: Generally Northeast; but varies by plant. Qualities: Fragrant, fertility, growth, planting, seeding ideas, Goddesses: Flora, Hegemone, and Demeter. Gods: Dionysus, Sucellus, and Xochipilli. Natural Landscapes: Flower fields, forest, and gardens. Natural Symbols: Flowers, Trees, shrubs, crops, herbs, and grasses…any vegetation…. Read More

  • Animal

    ANIMAL Direction: Generally Northwest; but varies by animal. Qualities: Varies by animal. Goddesses: Artemis, Bast, and Epona. Gods: Cernunnos, Ka-moho-ali’i, and Anubis. Natural Landscapes: Anywhere with wildlife or domestic animals. Natural Symbols: depends on animal. (Suggested Readings: Animal Speak by Ted Andrews;… Read More

  • Human

    Direction: Southwest Qualities: Compassion, empathy, love, playfulness, and service. Ancestors and descendants. Goddess/God: You and everyone else you meet. Natural Landscapes: Wherever you are at peace. Natural Symbols: Everything that you love and that you perceive as beautiful (i.e., places, people, and things with… Read More