• Women’s Retreat to Maui 2019!

    Third Annual Ladies Retreat to Maui. Dates TBD by October 2018 for spring 2019. Sign up for the newsletter to stay informed or contact Amanda to be placed on the invite list. Ladies (wahines) only retreat! This is a… Read More

  • Highlights from Women’s Retreat in Maui 2018

    Beach time everyday to cleanse and connect to the feminine/water element. Personal time to reflect everyday. Group time exploring and laughing. The group enjoyed a balance of eating out at great restaurants and preparing breakfast together. Amazing views, fresh pineapples, mangoes, lilikoi… Read More

  • Cherokee, NC-despacho ceremony 2017

    On the Autumn Equinox a group gathered for a Cross-Cultural Shamanism retreat weekend in Cherokee, NC. The group, led by Amanda, came together to honor the Appalachian Mountains. A Despacho (offering) was created after visiting and feeling the… Read More

  • Hawai’i Ceremonies (and Bermuda) 2014-present

    Over the past several years she has been involved with various ceremonies in Hawaii (Big Island and Maui). These ceremonies were performed to link and connect with the loving energies present anchored long ago in Lemuria, as well as… Read More

  • Highlights from the Cross-Cultural Shamanism Retreat September 2017

    In September of 2017 the weekend of the Autumn Equinox, the first group gathered to explore, connect, and honor the Appalachian Mountains in Cherokee, NC. We visited ancient sites, meditated and felt the energy of power places, did… Read More

  • Wupatki

    So perhaps not completely natural but wow what a landscape!

  • Appalachian Mountain Retreats

    The journey/retreat weekends will focus on the ecology/environment/geography as well as your own inner spiritual landscape as we visit beautiful physical landscapes on earth. The journeys may include a sharing of various cultural belief systems regarding nature and… Read More

  • Beach-Bermuda

    Pink Sand Beach Gravelly Bay Bermuda  

  • Beach-Pacific

    Kailua, Hawai’i

  • Beach-Atlantic

    Bear Island, NC

  • Deserts

    Determined Growth.

  • Things you can do

    A Peruvian elder visited Mt. Mitchell, NC in 2009 and performed a despacho ceremony. He stated that the Appalachian Mountains “were crying out for ceremonies”. I feel many places around the earth could benefit from us doing whatever… Read More

  • Mt. Mitchell-Despacho Ceremony 2009

    A Peruvian elder visited Mt. Mitchell in 2009 and performed a despacho ceremony (ceremony and creation of a bundle to offer/give back to pachamana-mother earth). He stated that the Appalachian Mountains “were crying out for ceremonies”. Many cultural… Read More

  • New River

    New River (North Carolina/Virginia state line)

  • Lakes

    Reflective and still….

  • Waterfall

    Amicalola Falls

  • Canyon de Chelly

    Navajo Nation

  • Boynton Canyon, Arizona

    near Sedona, Arizona and the vortexes

  • Hawaii Retreat

    Private Hula Retreat Group.

  • Previous Journey-Pilot Mountain 2015

    Pilot Mountain Group May 2015 Learning Time Circling up to offer Tobacco Connecting to the Stones

  • Previous Journeys to Hanging Rock-2009

    Quiet Contemplation Time Pausing on hike up to new experiences Gathering for talk Contemplation Time

  • Pilot Mountain

    Mountains have been feared and held in awe over our time here on earth. They have been used as navigational landmarks and guides as well as for sanctuary.

  • Valley

    Waipio Valley Big Island, Hawaii

  • Haleakalā

    Haleakalā Maui

  • Cameron, AZ

    Sunset on the Navajo Nation

  • Topophillia-love of a place

    Question I ask YOU reading this…..one of my favorite assignments I give traditional classroom students, so I’m asking out of my interest, curiosity, and if you have given it much thought. Where is your heart at home? Where… Read More

  • Fire

    Direction: East or South depending upon cultural tradition. Qualities: Warmth, creativity/destruction, passion, active, illumination, transforming, motivation, determination, will-power, leadership, spirituality, and sexuality. Goddesses: Pele, Hesta/Vesta, and Brigit. Gods: Agni, Belenus, and Ra. Natural Landscapes: Deserts, Volcanoes, Hot Springs,… Read More

  • Wind

    Direction: North or East depending upon cultural tradition. Qualities: Intelligence, freshness, flying, concentration, and sound. Goddesses: Arianrhod, Maat, and Nuit. Gods: Thoth, Aeolus, and Ehecatl. Natural Landscapes: Breezy Mountain tops, windy open plains, and coastal dunes. Natural Symbols: Feathers and incense/sage smoke. Visualizations: Standing on… Read More

  • Water

    Direction: West Qualities: Movement, fluidity, loving, soothing, cleansing, and Goddesses: Aphrodite, Venus, and Namaka. Gods: Kanaloa, Neptune, and Poseidon, Natural Landscapes: Springs, wells, rivers, lakes, rain, waterfalls, snow, ice, beaches and oceans. Natural Symbols: Shells Visualizations: Floating in water, swimming in the ocean, standing… Read More

  • Stone

    Direction: Southeast Qualities: Stabilizing, grounding, solid, foundation, ancient wisdom, and anchor. Goddesses: Gaea, Terra, and Pachamama. Gods: Obsidian, Pan, and Papa. Natural Landscapes: Mountaintops, caves, rocky terrain, and bedrock formations. Natural Symbols: Stones, crystals, and sand (any soil). Visualizations: Sitting on a bedrock formation… Read More

  • Plant

    Direction: Generally Northeast; but varies by plant. Qualities: Fragrant, fertility, growth, planting, seeding ideas, Goddesses: Flora, Hegemone, and Demeter. Gods: Dionysus, Sucellus, and Xochipilli. Natural Landscapes: Flower fields, forest, and gardens. Natural Symbols: Flowers, Trees, shrubs, crops, herbs, and grasses…any vegetation…. Read More

  • Animal

    ANIMAL Direction: Generally Northwest; but varies by animal. Qualities: Varies by animal. Goddesses: Artemis, Bast, and Epona. Gods: Cernunnos, Ka-moho-ali’i, and Anubis. Natural Landscapes: Anywhere with wildlife or domestic animals. Natural Symbols: depends on animal. (Suggested Readings: Animal Speak by Ted Andrews;… Read More

  • Human

    Direction: Southwest Qualities: Compassion, empathy, love, playfulness, and service. Ancestors and descendants. Goddess/God: You and everyone else you meet. Natural Landscapes: Wherever you are at peace. Natural Symbols: Everything that you love and that you perceive as beautiful (i.e., places, people, and things with… Read More