Surrender and Flow Retreat

Piney Creek, NC

August 11th-13th

Intention: Learning to go with the flow.


You are invited to attend a relaxing weekend by one of the oldest rivers in the world, the New River! (Geologist report it as one of the 5 oldest in the world).  The New River flows north starting in Blowing Rock, NC and snakes its way up through West Virginia becoming the Kanawha River and flows into the Ohio River before merging into the Mississippi River. The New River is on of America’s Heritage Rivers and has been designated a “State Scenic River”.  This weekend will involve a short 9 mile kayak/canoe trip floating down the New River enjoying “going with the flow”.  The waters are clear usually and there are no rapids on this section. We will also be visiting a horse farm and spending time connecting to horse medicine (travel, power, and freedom).

Learn ~ Participate ~ Grow

Throughout the weekend, you will be encouraged to participate in a variety of experiences to awaken your cells for living in harmony with the earth, others, and yourself. Various techniques will be incorporated throughout the weekend to help you find your center, to tap into your own knowing (all information is within), to fellowship with others, and to honor the earth. 

Healing Waters

During our time together, I will be serving as your guide along the river. I’ve kayaked and canoed this river for thirty years now. Many cultural groups around the world have various ideas of the physical cleansing benefits, symbolism, and more of rivers. We will discuss this throughout the weekend. (For those coastal people coming, there are no alligators or sharks….so this will be a different, relaxed experience kayaking/canoeing!!) The kayak/canoe trip will be ~ 5 hours on Saturday. You will have a choice of being in a single kayak or partnering with someone else in a canoe. (A majority of the river is never over 5 feet).

Hikes ~ Ceremony ~ Fellowship

We will do a ceremony together to honor the New River and connect to the spirit of the river. Connecting to others through group consciousness will be a big part of the weekend while also remaining inward and self-reflective.

Horse Medicine

There is something magical about horses. During our weekend, we will have time to connect to horses and will discuss various cultural groups associations with horses through the ideas of travel, freedom, and movement…going with the flow.

The weekends activities will include:

  • Kalana Hula or Qigong in nature
  • Kayak/Canoe trip (9 miles, ~5 hours leisure)
  • Learning to dowse for water
  • Time with horses

* Please note accommodation space is limited to 8This event is open to men and women over 18 years of age.

Starting at 6 pm Friday August 11th and ending Sunday August 13th at 2pm.  The group energy and weather will determine the weekend schedule.

Register by June 1st, $300*. Cost includes kayak rental, 2 nights accommodations (shared rooms, twin beds) and all meals (dinner Friday-lunch Sunday). After June 1st, $350.

There are 2 queen bedrooms available for couples or friends to share, $555 (includes 2 attendees, kayak rentals, and all meals) if you register by June 1st; after June 1st $605 (if available space).

The cost does not include travel to/from where we will be staying. If you have questions please contact me!

There is tent camping available nearby at the New River State Park. If you prefer to camp but still be part of the activities and lessons, cost is $175 (includes kayak rental). This price does not include any camping fees for the state park or other camp sites.

My hope is that you will take home with you many seeds to reflect upon for yourself as well as new friendships. The weekend may provide you the opportunity to become re-centered and relaxed. You’ll leave with wisdom of ancient techniques and ideas to do yourself as you explore and hike future places with others. Your relationship with mother earth, nature, the elements will become richer.

To register contact Amanda. Please review the cancellation policy below.

Cancellation refund policy is return of payment less a $75 service fees through June 1st, 2017.  After June 1st, 2017, we will be unable to refund any cancellations unless we can find someone else to take your space.