Praise for Huna/Kahi Loa Classes

“The Kahi Loa Advanced class was magical! Amanda explained everything well and in detail. I know I’ll use what I’ve learned on myself and with  friends and family. As a yoga teacher, I have already incorporated some of the techniques from the Kahi Loa I and II into my yoga classes on the military base and its been well received! I’m looking forward to incorporating the additional perspectives and techniques I’ve learned in the Advanced class!”

    ~Jess, Morehead City, NC 2016

“Very clear explanations were given in Kahi Loa I, II, and Advanced classes. The individual attention was great! I plan on incorporating this into my reflexology sessions and working with clients and family.”

      ~Cheryl, Morehead City, NC 2016

“I cannot recommend this class enough. Kahi Loa is a beautiful form of loving energy that promotes healing and insight. Amanda clearly has a passion for this light work and does a fabulous job teaching it adding to its majestic qualities. I took Kahi Loa 1 & 2 as well as the advanced class from Amanda. I’ve now incorporated it into my daily life and look forward to sharing it with others!”

       ~Cristy, Morehead City, NC 2016

“Kahi Loa (previously called Huna I and II)—I highly recommend this modality to anyone that has a nurturing spirit, nurses, parents and massage therapists. I’ve done many courses since 2004, from massage to reflexology and Huna I and II is easy to learn and easy on the practitioner. It combines the powers of touch, breath work, energy work, chakra work and using the 7 elements along with a beautiful Hawaiian chant. Amanda Todd is a born teacher and whatever she teaches, from crystal work, Reiki to Huna, you will come away not only with great knowledge, but also a deep, profound experience.”

~Linda,  Concord, NC 2013

“If you are seeking a way to peacefully nourish your soul- as well as the soul and spirit of others, Huna I and II (now known as Kahi Loa I/II) is the energy class for you! Huna has completely changed the way I start each and every day! I am so much more connected to nature, my surroundings, and have found a stronger connection/compassion for others. Using the “hands on technique” of a Huna Energy session/Kahi Loa has helped me develop a stronger “third eye intuition” and it’s helped me to help others in a much more loving way. “Giving” a session gives me a giant rush of energy and “receiving” completely relaxes me similar to meditation. Everyday brings a stronger appreciation for the beauty that is nature. I highly recommend the class for anyone interested in learning more about their own spiritual side; nature lovers, yogis, health care workers, massage therapists, and anyone with an open mind willing to share positive, loving energy!”

~Rebecca, Mooresville, NC 2013

“Thank you for all the love! This class gave me lots of new techniques to use on my clients!”

~Student, Concord, NC 2013

Praises for Aloha Yoga

“Aloha Yoga is refreshing and left me feeling happy, calm, and rested. I enjoyed it so much!” –Rhyan S.

“I enjoyed the Kalana Hula and moving my body like water. After class I was relaxed and my mind was focused.” –Jeanne M.

“Aloha Yoga is awesome! During class I felt relaxed and my mind was clear. I now want to learn more about the Huna principles and Aloha spirit.” –Winnie H

“During Aloha Yoga I felt loved and comforted and when I left, my mind was free. I will take with me that my thoughts are my reality.” –Gina S.

“Aloha Yoga is inspirational and I will incorporate the Aloha spirit into the classes I teach.” –Jeri E.

“I look forward to learning more about the Huna principles and applying them to my life. Aloha Yoga is fluid, liberating, and relaxing. This class is so beneficial!” – Kelsea S.

Praises for Reflexology

“I enjoyed the class, but it flew by too fast!  Your sequence is so much easier than what I learned years ago.  I thoroughly enjoyed this class and felt a renewal of sorts in my practice.  Thank you once again.”

~Student of Reflexology, Massage Therapist Holly Ridge, NC 2017

“I liked being able to practice as well as receive others’ practice.”

~Student of Reflexology, Holly Ridge, NC 2017

“I hope to share it with others and eventually start practicing.  I will suggest it to members in the military where other practices might not be working to relax them”.

~Student of Reflexology, Holly Ridge, NC 2017

“This class has helped me to become more focused on the well-being of another and more loving.”

~Student of Reflexology, Concord, NC 2012

“Amanda has a very calming, inspiring teaching method. Very nice and effective. Loved the small class! A lot of one one one attention which you don’t often get in day long trainings.”

~Student of Reflexology, Concord, NC 2012

Praise for Reiki Classes/Sessions

 “The Reiki Master/Teacher weekend exceeded my expectations. We received and gained so much love, power, knowledge, and guidance from an extraordinary teacher! It has created a foundation from which I can grow and the structure of the training allowed plenty of time to share and have discussions.”

~Reiki Master/Teacher student, Cornelius, NC 2016

“ I hope to add Reiki into my chiropractor/acupuncture practice in the future. My favorite part of the class was the hands on learning.”

~Reiki I student, Cornelius, NC 2014

“The Reiki I class included a great group of people. The energy amongst the class which for me is very important, was fantastic. I felt comfortable at the end of the class in understanding more about Reiki and in applying the hand position.”

~Reiki I student Cornelius, NC 2014

“The Reiki I class with Amanda exceeded my expectations.  I left feeling confident in the hand positions and I know I’ll use what I learned to keep myself calm as well as on my family/friends when they need Reiki calmness.”

~Reiki I student, Cornelius, NC 2014

“Was a little skeptical of a Reiki attunement, but hands really charged up after it!”

~Reiki I/II student Concord, NC 2013

“I want to thank you again for the wonderful session and the beautiful gift of attunement.”

~Reiki Level I student in Concord, NC 2013

“I have been so energized since Sunday, off the charts! The most significant thing I have noticed is that my awareness is much higher.”

~Reiki Level I student, Concord, NC 2013

“I took Reiki I/II to incorporate into my counseling practice. The class absolutely met my expectations. The class was wonderful and I’m so happy I took it. Amanda is amazing.”

~Reiki I/II student Mooresville, NC 2013

“I signed up Reiki I/II for spiritual growth personally, in addition to professionally.  My favorite aspect of the class was the instructor and interaction with classmates. The class was wonderful.”

~Reiki I/II student Mooresville, NC 2013

Praise for Crystal Energy Work Classes

“The Crystal and Stones Energy Work class has greatly increased my ability to feel my energy and the energy around me. This class will help as I move forward providing sessions for others. I can only say that the class could be improved it was longer, as if 8 hours isn’t enough!! The class greatly exceeded by expectations and my least favorite part was when in ended.”

~Student of Crystal and Stones Mooresville, NC 2013

“The Crystal and Stones Energy Work class helped to give me a broader knowledge of crystals, stones and their abilities in other applications. My favorite aspect of the class was actually “feeling” crystals on my body. The class very much meet my expectations and I felt Amanda was exceptional at presenting the information and teaching us.”

~Student of Crystal and Stones Mooresville, NC 2013


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