Things you can do

A Peruvian elder visited Mt. Mitchell, NC in 2009 and performed a despacho ceremony. He stated that the Appalachian Mountains “were crying out for ceremonies”. I feel many places around the earth could benefit from us doing whatever we can to honor, appreciate, and show our respect. It doesn’t need to be elaborate or hours in length. You don’t need to fast or pray for days. Here are some ideas, always follow your heart with what feels right to you.

1. Say thank you and acknowledge beautiful landscapes.  Leave natural offerings based on what feels right to you as you say thank you. Many cultural groups offer everything from tobacco to flower petals.

2. Create a special land blessing ceremony for where you live. Just say and do what comes from your heart. No rules when from the heart. If you need “instructions” find books or consult others who have done one.

3. Meditate in places of power for you (i.e., by the ocean or in the forest…wherever you are at ease and peace).

4. Join in on global water blessing meditation or create your own.

5. Say thank you every time you shower/take a bath or use a natural resource in some way.

6. Donate time to clean up places you care about or donate money to state parks or organizations that preserve areas.

7. Hike, camp, canoe, do something out in nature and be fully present…greatest gift we can give ourselves and each other is to be present…same applies to the natural world. Be present.