Topophillia-love of a place

Question I ask YOU reading this… of my favorite assignments I give traditional classroom students, so I’m asking out of my interest, curiosity, and if you have given it much thought. Where is your heart at home? Where does your soul come alive? Is it a beautiful landscape, is it near loved ones, is it a genetic ancestral geographic location? What landscape captivates your body and mind and you hate leaving and/or have chosen to make your residence at? Having my academic focus on the concept of topophilia (love of a place; strong sense for a place) I found it hilarious one morning on my walk, that I focused on such a topic and yet I have moved 11 times in 15 years. Friends have often said “oh I wish you’d settle down” or “I wish you’d find a place to call home”. I’m a Pisces…a nomad..landscapes speak to my soul in different ways and I feel serve different purposes throughout our lives when we flow. While living in the mountains I’ve always felt like I had a nice cozy blanket over me as if I was hibernating (even in summer months). When I’ve lived at the coast each time, I’ve felt like I’m on the front of a ship with my arms out wide. Cities rarely speak to me although I was born in a major southern city and lived there 18+ years I was also blessed with having grandparents in the mountains of Virginia. My entire life I’ve experienced a contrast in environments…urban vs rural…modern vs traditional…globalized vs localized. Perhaps this contrast has enabled me to be more aware of the differences and how places feel.  Certain cities and towns do speak to me more than others and some I couldn’t wait to move on from as the energy never felt right for me. I obviously love Hawai’i and the Appalachian Mountains (also Sedona and Bermuda) and I’ve found each place as a tourist or as a resident energetically feels different. Beyond the beautiful landscapes, delicious food, or friendly people…there is something more to how places feel different and how we feel at certain places.

I’ve heard some elders say we are attracted to places that match our frequency and vibration and I’ve heard others say that places that feel familiar to you….you probably had another lifetime there (if you believe in such). California and the east coast feel very differently and the culture is different as most note. Could the differences in how each coast feels and the people that resonate with each coast, be related to the energies coming from ancient civilizations of Lemuria and Atlantis?  Who knows…but it is something to think about as to why people are drawn to certain places…and ley lines are another topic.

As a spiritual geographer and an energy worker, I encourage others to really get a feel for their surroundings and natural environments. What does your place of residence or where you are visiting “feel” like. Cultural groups all over the world view mountains and water bodies as having different energies. Mountains are often masculine whereas water bodies are often more feminine. It has been proven now that negative ions in the air help us feel better so now they are discovering that being next to a waterfall or the ocean changes some peoples moods because of the negative ions produced. Next time you are visiting a mountain top or by a river or the ocean…how does it feel?

Where is your spirit at peace and in bliss? Are you living there now or just visit to rejuvenate?