Topophillia-love of a place

Question I ask YOU reading this… of my favorite assignments I give traditional classroom students, so I’m asking out of my interest, curiosity, and if you have given it much thought. Where is your heart at home? Where does your soul come alive? Is it a beautiful landscape, is it near loved ones, is it a genetic ancestral geographic location? What landscape captivates your body and mind and you hate leaving and/or have chosen to make your residence at? Having my academic focus on the concept of topophilia (love of a place; strong sense for a place) I found it hilarious one morning on my walk, that I focused on such a topic and yet I have moved 11 times in 15 years. Friends have often said “oh I wish you’d settle down” or “I wish you’d find a place to call home”. I’m a Pisces…a nomad..landscapes speak to my soul in different ways and I feel serve different purposes throughout our lives when we flow. Certain cities and towns do speak to me more than others and some I couldn’t wait to move on from as the energy never felt like “home”. So my new town I’m desiring to call “home” for the first time feels strangely like “home”. I hate leaving there, its an odd pull I’ve only experienced with the mountain I love in Virginia. I can tell driving around the county when I’m back close to it how I feel “I’m home”. I never gave myself permission to experience living by the sea in all my moves. So where is your heart at home? Where is your spirit at peace and in bliss? Are you living there now or just visit to rejuvenate?