Thank you for being a part of my journey and meeting me here again. I am here, like you, to be fully present in the now living from my heart and mind. We are all here to hold a space of love, be engaged in our passion, and active in our service. By living in our hearts, in service, so many wonderful things can happen.

I serve through guiding you in how to connect back to the natural world and to your own natural rhythm/movement within your heartspace…….to discover who you are in wholeness. I do this through the sharing of information/tools/techniques with Aloha. As a teacher, I offer a variety of classes related to to the earth, and the elements, energies, and frequencies flowing and connecting our world together.  As a guide, I offer journeys to incredibly powerful, insightful landscapes in Hawai’i and the Appalachian Mountains. These journeys are for more in-depth explorations into your own personal world and how it is mirrored in the outer world. Beauty is everywhere and nature reflects back to us our own beauty when we are living in our hearts in appreciation and awe. In classes and journeys with me and those I collaborate with, you will get a blending of science and spirituality, of intellectual mind stimulation as well as feeling based heart experiences. I also offer Hawaiian Hula Dance classes and workshops as a way to help connect your mind, body and heart through the beautiful art of dance with aloha. Many hula dances/stories/chants are performed/learned to honor beautiful places in nature from the oceans and bays to the mountains. As you can see, my offerings center around connecting you in different ways to nature and energy. Perhaps through that connection and awareness, you’ll live a more joyful life while on Earth…..flowing and treasuring every moment!

Feel free to surf my site and check out the links to other things of interest. If I can help you connect deeper to the natural world and the energies flowing through us, I hope to see you in class or on a retreat!  

Aloha and Mahalo,

P.S. All of the landscape photographs on the site were taken by me in Hawai’i, Bermuda, Virginia, and/or North Carolina. May the light these places have bring a smile to your face, joy to your soul, and peace to your heart.


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