Being in nature is where I am happiest and at peace. I love the earth and sharing the benefits of time spent in places of power and beauty with others. This is probably why I majored in disciplines where I could study the earth and spend time outdoors. Along the way I have learned many things in the traditional classroom setting as a student and as a teacher for over 15 years. I have also been blessed with spending time and learning from teachers, elders, shamans, mystics, and others around the world about cross-cultural healing techniques and things that can only be learned through experience and interactions in person. In addition to providing comfort and peace of mind, nature has also been where I have received lessons and answers and where I can easily access the wisdom of the heart. This love of the natural world and the wisdom from various cultures in regards to our connection to the earth, is what I share with others.

 Today I serve as a guide on journeys to special places and help others bridge the scientific and spiritual dimensions of who they are and how they are here to serve as our world moves forward. I am a college instructor of Anthropology and Geography courses and I have spent over a decade studying with elders from various cultures. I integrate what they have shared with me respectfully in various ways to inspire others in serving our world with conscious awareness in working in harmony and in right relationship with the earth, while also advancing as a society. Hawaiian Hula Dance is an integral part of how I share my love and appreciation for nature and spiritual healing in addition to the sacred journeys. 

 Surf my website, if you have any questions about hula classes or upcoming journeys contact me. Perhaps our currents will cross somewhere in the future as we all work towards creating a New Earth from our hearts in service with our unique gifts. 

Aloha nui loa,



Hawaiian Hula Dance

Explore the aloha spirit through weekly hula classes. Amanda also offers educational hula events for school groups, recreational centers, businesses and other organizations.


Sacred Journeys

Travel with Amanda to Hawai'i, the Southern Appalachian Mountains, the "Four Corners" regions, and other places of spiritual and cultural significance.