Earth and Water Ceremonialist ~ Spiritual Geographer



Offering service to the land, the waters, the people, and the animals through spiritual healing, education, ceremony and sacred movement through hula.


Amanda Todd PhD is a human-environmental geographer specializing in the geographies of belief systems and spiritual landscapes. She focuses on integrating historical and contemporary human perceptions and experiences with nature and the experiential hallmarks of our multi-cultural world. 

Her research and offerings today explore spiritual practices, shamanic techniques, and ceremonies connected to prominent geologic features and various landscapes around the world. Amanda also travels frequently to Hawai’i to further her skills and knowledge of Hawaiian Hula Sacred Dance in exploring the intersection of movement (Hawaiian Hula) with geography, history, spirituality, and the environment.

In addition to being a university instructor, she is also a Reiki Master/Teacher, Kahi Loa Teacher and Interfaith Minister. Her passion lies in connecting others to our natural world through healing, education, movement, and ceremonies.

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Amanda offers group ceremonies at sacred places throughout the year and leads retreats to Hawai'i and Ireland. Amanda also offers Hawaiian Hula Dance classes and workshops that focus on the body-mind-spirit connection. She also teaches and shares Kahi Loa, a form of energy work filled with aloha and connected to nature.

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