For the Animals

In addition to loving the earth,  Amanda is also very passionate about holistic animal care through incorporating animal communication and energy work into traditional animal health care. Amanda has studied various energy modalities since 2007 including, Reiki, Huna, and Healing Touch for Animals®. Amanda is an animal communicator and Level 2 Healing Touch for Animals Practitioner®. Using her years of experience in the various energy modality trainings as well as her years of experience within the veterinary field, she sets the intention for each session to be peaceful and compassionate for the animal and animal's person. 

She grew up surrounded by animals and finds that her four legged companions past and present have taught her so many lessons about herself, life, and relationships in general. She is grateful for their love, teachings, and encouragement. She feels blessed to help the animals and their companions in more spiritual and energetic ways today. 

Amanda hopes like her mentors, that animal communication and energy medicine for animals in the near future will be included in curriculum offered at veterinary schools in order to provide the best care for our animals. She currently is working towards developing relationships in various communities to make this happen as she strongly believes in it and feels it is one of her biggest life purpose's. 

She encourages a team approach to health care and when working with your pet. She currently works at an animal hospital so she strongly encourages you to inform your veterinarian of all that you are doing for your pet including holistic, alternative, and traditional approaches. She welcomes discussions with veterinarians about sessions and how to help your pet live a balanced and healthy life.

Contact Amanda to schedule an animal communication or energy session for your animal friend. Amanda is available in person for session in Brunswick County, NC and Horry county, SC. She can also perform distance sessions. 

Some of the animals that have touched Amanda's life........


Animal Experience and Training

Amanda's father was a veterinarian for 42 years and she started working at his practice as soon as she could get a workers permit. She began in the kennels, then became a receptionist, and eventually the role of veterinary assistant/office manger. Her dad has since retired but she still carries an interest in providing care for animals. She currently works for an animal hospital part-time that integrates holistic veterinary care.  Amanda also had one grandfather who was a well known horse trainer in SW Virginia and another grandfather who raised Angus cattle. Amanda spent many summers and weekends either riding horses or entertaining the cattle with her dance routines!  Her father and brother raise and sell foundation American Quarter Horses at Saddle Creek Quarter Horses.

Although she grew up in a large city she was extremely fortunate to have family members who lived in the Appalachian Mountains. This enabled her to see different perspectives of life and relationships to nature and she was able to spend plenty of time sitting in the woods learning from wildlife. Her father and brother today raise foundation quarter horses and she gets to spend time with the new foals each year and still enjoys riding. She has two geldings, Badger and Belanus. Amanda also has an American foxhound and a Schipperke mix. Her golden retriever Susie passed at the age of 15 and was a huge catalyst in her understanding of our relationships with pets as was her yellow Labrador Stella that passed in 2009. She owes rekindling her passion with helping animals and much more to Stella. 

Looking back, Amanda realizes she had experiences communicating with animals in the wild as a youth but took it for granted or just as a natural thing. Her love of nature led her into becoming an environmental scientist and university instructor. After receiving her doctorate and becoming a Reiki Master/Teacher and Huna Master/Teacher, she felt a strong desire to find her purpose for the New World she wanted to help co-create. Amanda wanted to combine her knowledge of energy medicine with her love of helping animals. 

The animals called her home to follow her childhood dream of working with animals. She returned to working at her fathers' animal practice which opened her up to all the possibilities of ways in which we can all create a beautiful new world together. She was debating about applying to veterinary school but felt that path was not what she wanted to focus on, her interest lied in being able to communicate with animals and energy medicine for animals. She found Carol Gurney, a leader in animal communication and Carol Komitor, a leader in the field of energy medicine for animals and is studying under both of them at this time. She has also completed a TTouch course with Linda Tellington Jones for Horses.

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