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Previous Earth Centered Ceremonies

water blessing ceremony - 2019


 Amanda participated in a water blessing ceremony along the Cape Fear River led by Silvia Calisaya Chuquimia. Sylvia is a traditional Aymara spiritual healer, teacher, and direct descendant of the pre-Incan people who still inhabit the southern Lake Titicaca region. July 2019

water blessing ceremony -2018


Amanda facilitated a water blessing and island blessing ceremony in Maui, Hawai'i during the Women's Retreat she led in 2018.

Despacho ceremony - 2017


 Amanda facilitated a weekend retreat to explore sacred places around Cherokee, NC. A despacho ceremony was performed with the group and was offered to Pachamama. 

forest blessing - 2017


Amanda led a earth centered blessing ceremony for participants and the Croatan Forest near Cape Carteret, NC. Children were invited to participate and join in on a spiritual nature walk after.

water blessing ceremony - 2016


Amanda led the Advanced Kahi Loa students through a water ceremony on Bear Island, NC.

water ceremony - 2015


Amanda participated in a water ceremony in Maui, Hawai'i led by Dale and Jeanne Stacy of EarthStar Spiritual Center.

Merkaba ACTIVATION Ceremony - 2015


In 2015, Dale and Jeanne Stacy of EarthStar Spiritual Center led a Merkaba Activation Ceremony in Maui- Hawaii to connect energies of the Pacific Ocean. Amanda and several others participated. 

Merkaba Activation Ceremony -2015


Picture after trip of Merkaba Activation in Maui, Hawai'i.

haleakala ceremony - 2015


Amanda participated in a land ceremony at Haleakala also in 2015.

Merkaba ACTIVATION Ceremony - 2015


In 2015, Dale and Jeanne Stacy of EarthStar Spiritual Center and Amanda performed a Merkaba Activation Ceremony in Bermuda.

Merkaba Activation Ceremony - 2015


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offering to Pilot Mt. - 2015


Amanda led a day vision quest to Pilot Mt. Participates here are preparing to make an offering of tobacco to the spirit of the mountain.

previous Reiki Master and kahi loa ceremonies

Reiki master - 2017


Reiki Master ceremony in Emerald Isle, NC 2017. Ceremony alter with Blue Buddha image & open hearts.

Reiki Master/Teacher - 2016


These ladies completed Reiki Master/Teacher with me in 2016. Picture taken after ceremony.

Reiki Level II ceremony - 2016


The space is set for Reiki Level II Ceremony in Swansboro, NC.

reiki Master Ceremony - 2016


Reiki Master ceremony altar. Each time the altar is different but always with the same intention. The blue candles represent those going through the ceremony.

Aloha Ceremony - 2016


Aloha Ceremony altar used for Kahi Loa Level I/II. The participants gather in a circle to share aloha and kind words.