Previous Earth Centered Ceremonies

Water Blessing Ceremony - 2019


 Amanda participated in a water blessing ceremony along the Cape Fear River led by Silvia Calisaya Chuquimia. Sylvia is a traditional Aymara spiritual healer, teacher, and direct descendant of the pre-Incan people who still inhabit the southern Lake Titicaca region. July 2019

Water Blessing Ceremony -2018


Amanda facilitated a water blessing and island blessing ceremony in Maui, Hawai'i during the Women's Retreat she led in 2018.

Despacho Ceremony - 2017


 Amanda facilitated a weekend retreat to explore sacred places around Cherokee, NC. A despacho ceremony was performed with the group and was offered to Pachamama. 

Forest Blessing - 2017


Amanda led a earth centered blessing ceremony for participants and the Croatan Forest near Cape Carteret, NC. Children were invited to participate and join in on a spiritual nature walk after.

Water Blessing Ceremony - 2016


Amanda led the Advanced Kahi Loa students through a water ceremony on Bear Island, NC.

Water Ceremony - 2015


Amanda participated in a water ceremony in Maui, Hawai'i led by Dale and Jeanne Stacy of EarthStar Spiritual Center.

Merkaba Activation Ceremony - 2015


In 2015, Dale and Jeanne Stacy of EarthStar Spiritual Center led a Merkaba Activation Ceremony in Maui- Hawaii to connect energies of the Pacific Ocean. Amanda and several others participated. 

Merkaba Activation Ceremony -2015


Picture after trip of Merkaba Activation in Maui, Hawai'i.

Haleakala Ceremony - 2015


Amanda participated in a land ceremony at Haleakala also in 2015.

Merkaba Activation Ceremony - 2015


In 2015, Dale and Jeanne Stacy of EarthStar Spiritual Center and Amanda performed a Merkaba Activation Ceremony in Bermuda.

Merkaba Activation Ceremony - 2015


Picture after Merkaba Activation Ceremony in Bermuda.

Offering to Pilot Mt. - 2015


Amanda led a day vision quest to Pilot Mt. Participates here are preparing to make an offering of tobacco to the spirit of the mountain.

Water Blessing Ceremony - 2013


Amanda participated in a water blessing ceremony at Lapakahi State Historic Site for healing the area.

Minister Ordination Ceremony - 2013


Amanda participated in a minister ordination ceremony for 5 people in Waimea, Hawaii.

Family Moving Blessing - 2013


In 2013, Amanda and Steve Nelson, a Christian Druid and Celebrationist performed a ceremony for a family moving to Kauai, Hawaii at Freedom Park in Charlotte, NC.

Mountain Land Ceremony


In 2013, Amanda participated in a ceremony for Mauna Kea with others in bringing peace to the issues between science and spirit.

Despacho Ceremony - 2009


In 2009,  Q'ero elder Don Mariano Quispe Flores came to Mt. Mitchell, NC from Peru to honor the mountains through a despacho ceremony. Amanda and many others were present at the ceremony.

Hanging Rock Water Blessing - 2008


In 2008, Amanda participated in a water blessing ceremony at a waterfall near Hanging Rock, NC.

Previous Reiki Master and Kahi Loa Ceremonies

Reiki Master - 2017


Reiki Master ceremony in Emerald Isle, NC 2017. Ceremony alter with Blue Buddha image & open hearts.

Reiki Master/Teacher - 2016


These ladies completed Reiki Master/Teacher with Amanda in 2016. Picture taken after ceremony.

Reiki Level II Ceremony - 2016


The space is set for Reiki Level II Ceremony in Swansboro, NC.

Reiki Master Ceremony - 2016


Reiki Master ceremony altar. Each time the altar is different but always with the same intention. The blue candles represent those going through the ceremony.

Aloha Ceremony - 2016


Aloha Ceremony altar used for Kahi Loa Level I/II. The participants gather in a circle to share aloha and kind words.