Amanda has taught both Physical and Cultural Geography courses as well as Anthropology Courses.

Here is a list of courses she has taught (*currently teaches):


  • Cultural Geography
  • Cultures and Environments (cross listed ANTH/GEOG course)*
  • Earth Science
  • Geography of Russia*
  • Geography of the Non-Western World
  • Introduction to Geography
  • Physical Geography (non-lab 16 and 8 week sections)
  • Physical Geography II
  • Population Geography
  • Physical Science Seminar for Freshman (non-science majors; residential dorm program)
  • Myth, Ritual, and Magic
  • Spiritual Landscapes (cross listed ANTH/GEOG course)*
  • World Regional Geography (in person and on-line in 16, 14, 8, and 4 week sessions)*

some of the past Talks and events

Coastal Carolina university


 “Spiritual Landscapes: Lava, Stones, and Forests” Conway, SC 2019

western carolina university


 “Hawaiian Hula” 

Mind-Body Experience with Campus Rec Cullowehee, 2017

Women's Group


  “Hawaiian Cultural Practices and Belief Systems” Dinner and Talk

New Bern, NC 2016

Women's Group


  “Hawaiian Hula Myth and Metaphor”  

New Bern, NC 2016

THEOSOPHICAL Society of America


 “Hawaiian Culture and Mythology”  

 Charlotte, NC 2012