Classes and Workshops

Amanda focuses on offering hula classes that integrate the body-mind-spirit connection. Hula is a physical workout but it can also be mentally challenging in a healthy way. Most importantly, there is a spiritual and cultural aspect that is significant within Hula. Without the spirit aspect, hula feels empty. When it is reduced to choreography alone, it is robbed of its richness. 

"Hula puts us in tune with the natural rhythms of the world.  The ebb and flow of the ocean is translated to the rolling of the hips; the feet measure time and space - the moving apart and coming together with every step; the hands carry the energy of the wind.  We become a part of the elements as the essential underpinnings as we express the very human stories in our dance.  Humanity and nature become one. " - Kumu Kea

Amanda teaches classes in a series where she feels the students first learn the technique well and meaning first. Then students have the opportunity to learn choreographies.  In our fast paced modern western world, hula teaches us not only to physically slow down but to process and integrate what we learn.  Through learning slowly and with intention, we have the opportunity to see and feel layers to hula and how it mirrors our lives and the natural world around us wherever we are (even miles from Hawai'i).

If you are interested in hosting a series of classes or workshops, contact Amanda.  If you are a school and would like to hire Amanda for a cultural educational experience, contact her. She has brought hula events into schools, yoga studios, county recreation departments, and has performed at cultural festivals to share the aloha often through audience participation. She has worked with DOD schools for award programs and in summer camps as well.

Amanda is not a Kumu (hula teacher). She enjoys sharing the spirit of aloha wherever she lives and has received permission to teach what she can. She shares what she has learned with her students from her travels to Hawai'i. She studies with  Kumu Kea also known as Pattye Kealohalani Wright  of  Na Puakea O Koʻolaupoko . The world needs more love. Hula is a wonderful way to express, share, and be love.  Follow Amanda at Redheaded Hula Girl-Ehukailani on the facebook link below.



Emerald 'Aina Hula Dancers Performance at the North Carolina Polynesian Festival 2017 (group led by Amanda)

Audience Participation

Audience participation at the North Carolina Polynesian Festival 2017 led by Amanda, assisted by the dancers of Emerald 'Aina Hula Daners.