Amanda offers weekly Hula classes and workshops focusing on Hula. Amanda's hula classes bring together the mind, body, and spirit. You'll learn physical movements and choreographies but most importantly, you'll feel the connection to spirit and learn the meaning of the movements and dances. She is also available for school cultural events. 

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 Kahi Loa Training 

Kahi Loa is a type of healing art form, from the Hawaiian Islands (Kauai).  As within translated to mean "oneness through sacred energy" or "moving or flowing of life/energy".  There are 6 levels to training which include energy work, working with the elements, creating ceremonies, and learning how to teach. 

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Amanda has participated in and led many different ceremonies around the world. She hosts public group ceremonies at sacred places to bring people together to heal our waters, our land, and ourselves.  She integrates what she has learned from elders around the world in different cultures with what is needed at the time for those present.

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Retreats to Hawai'i and Ireland as well as to places special in the Appalachian Mountains are held throughout the year. The retreats incorporate meditations, ceremonies, hiking, visiting sacred places or spiritual significant places as well as learning about the history, geography, and culture of the area.

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Animal Energy Work and Communication